What a job this was!  My customer brought this lovely mandocello to me with little hope of it being rescued.  Its headstock had come delaminated and worst of all, the sides had busted out from the back at the tail.  Taking on the project may well have been more out of curiosity and interest on my part than anything else, and it proved to be fun, albeit challenging.  A little hide glue coerced the headstock back into solid order.  The remedy for the sides turned out to be a complete removal of the back and endblock to remove and angled slice from the edge of one of the sides.  You'll have to imagine the way you would adjust the opening of a paper cone.  In the end, everything came back together beautifully!  After some shellac touch up, bridge work and stringing, this mandocello has life again!  Did I mention how fun it was to play?